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Asset Construction and Logistics Limited is more than just a construction company. We are architects of a brighter future for Somalia, one brick and mortar at a time. We believe in the transformative power of construction, not just to create buildings, but to empower individuals, foster economic growth, and shape the nation’s landscape.


Our expertise extends across a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. From crafting cozy family homes to constructing towering commercial complexes, we tailor each space to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. We collaborate closely, fostering an environment of understanding and trust to translate their vision into reality, ensuring every project reflects their individual desires.

Healthcare and education are the cornerstones of any thriving society. As such, we are committed to building facilities that promote health, learning, and well-being for generations to come. Our hospitals and schools are designed with meticulous attention to safety, accessibility, and sustainability, creating optimal environments that foster healing, learning, and growth.


We recognize the vital role that industries play in a nation’s development. With this understanding, we offer comprehensive construction services for industrial and agricultural structures. Warehouses, factories, processing plants, and agricultural storage facilities are all constructed with efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability in mind, contributing to the growth and resilience of Somalia’s key economic sectors.


We understand that construction is more than just a technical process. It’s about building a better future for our communities. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, utilize high-quality materials, and employ a team of skilled professionals who share our passion for excellence.

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